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i-Office business centre

The i-Office Banktech Center office building is located in one of Budapest’s most dynamically developing districts, the 9th district. Metro line 4 runs through here, the Allee Mall is 10 minutes away, and trendy restaurants, clubs and galleries open to serve the needs of university students and young entrepreneurs studying and working nearby.

The i-Office is easily accessible via public transportation (tram line 18, 19, 47, metro line 4), as well as by car or bicycle. For cyclist renting our offices, meeting rooms and workstations, there are showers and a bicycle storage available, while for motorists, parking is free on the street, and there is a guarded parking lot in the office building’s yard.

The i-Office coworking communal workspace has opened 1.5 years ago, where you can rent workstations (desk, chair, wifi) in a communal space.
The building’s total space is 2000m2, where the smallest office is 12m2. You may view the building’s ground-plans here: GROUNDPLAN


The i-Office Banktech Center office building offers B+ category offices with the following parameters: Total space of the office building: 2000m2, on 3 floors.
Currently available offices: GROUNDPLAN

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Coworking is a working style, where people in the same space can work independently from each other; for example those teleworkers, who do not find working at home stimulating.

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Meeting room rental

In the i-Office Banktech Center office building you can rent meeting rooms and offices paid by the hour with WiFi service for occasional meetings and head office address services.

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Head office address

Our head office address service is a great opportunity, if the professional image of your business requires a suitable office address; you can register at the company registry your company’s location to the i-Office Banktech Center.

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Telefon and fax

You can rent a private phone number and fax number. We forward your fax messages to the provided e-mail address, which you receive as attachments. Incoming calls are answered by our secretary in your company’s name.

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Legal consultancy

Our legal consultants provide you with the necessary legal assistance for incorporation or modifying the head office address. Our accounting and consultant partner helps you to completely carry out your accounting duties.

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If you require assistance for certain tasks, printing, photocopying, or binding documents, our secretaries are available.

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Within the vault located inside the building you can rent secured storage for safekeeping data carriers, documents and certificates. There is reception service in the office complex day and night.

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Van rental

We currently operate 2 vans that have free capacity. The vans can be rent with a driver, after prearrangement. Customers of i-Office Banktech Center receive a 10% discount from the renting fee.

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2015 Marcius

Közösségi irodák Budapesten II. rész A legújabb kétrészes cikk második részét a budapesti közösségi irodákról itt olvashatjátok.

2015 Marcius

Közösségi irodák Budapesten I. rész. A legújabb kétrészes cikkében az i-Office coworking. A cikket itt olvashatjátok.

2014 Oktober

Az i-Office-t is megkérdezték a European Young Innovators Forumban, hogy milyen Magyarországon vállalkozónak lenni. A cikket itt olvashatjátok.


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